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Carreras Financial Services offers complete and comprehensive financial planning strategies. A team of experienced professionals helps navigate the complex, shifting and often confusing maze of issues. 

Stay informed and be flexible. It's not easy to find the time or knowledge to stay abreast or understand all the nuances of law and code. Carreras Financial Services shows you how to become a smart strategist.

We offer

•  Retirement Planning*

• Investment & Estate Planning*

•  Long-Term Health Care

•  Life Insurance

•  Health Insurance

Retirement Planning

Retirement is being reinvented.


It's no longer our parents' retirement. Social Security alone won't see us through retirement, especially for higher income earners. And traditional pension plans that pay generous lifetime defined benefits are becoming less common. Instead, we must be more personally responsible for funding our retirement.

Carreras Financial can help you achieve your dream of a comfortable, fullfilling, financially secure retirement.

Investment & Estate Planning


Like many investors, you're probably caught in a dilemma. On the one hand, you want to generate as high a return as possible from your investments.

At the same time, you may be wary of the investment markets. Perhaps you've been burned by market declines, bad investment advice or taking too much risk by grabbing for high returns.

We can help you wisely manage your investments with time-tested investing principles and techniques, so you can realistically achieve your financial goals. 

We'll also help you design an estate plan, to help ensure that your current and future assests will be distributed to your beneficiaries with maximum ease and minimum cost. 

We'll even help you with your Tax Planning needs!



Long-Term Health Care 

Long-term care is something few of us want to talk about or plan for. Yet the reality is that we, Americans, have more than a 60 percent likelihood of needing some form of long-term care after age 65--in some cases, for the rest of our life.

Carreras Financial Services will help you sift through the many decisions and choices you'll be facing. Taking the time to plan now before there is a need will help give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are prepared for difficult times. 

Life Insurance


People often view the purchase of insurance--particularly policies such as disability or long-term care--as a "waste" of money.

Yet without adequate insurance, you run the risk of a financial disaster. The key is to buy only the right types and amounts of insurance at the right time.

Whether you are young and single, newly married, a proud parent, empty nester or retired, Carreras Financial will match the right insurance coverage for the right stages of your life.

Health Insurance

Individual and Family health insurance plans provide long-term protection and comprehensive medical coverage for you and your family.

By combining the localized knowledge of a neighborhood agent with the broad experience and comprehensive understanding of a leading online health insurance source, we are able to offer our customers:

Broad Selection. Because we are a health insurance agency and not a health insurance company, we can offer plans from multiple insurance companies in your area. We offer a broad selection of health insurance companies and plans, which allows you to find the plan that best fits your needs. 


Excellent Customer Care. We believe that you'll enjoy the best customer experience available in the health insurance industry. We will help you make the most of your money with professional, unbiased advice. 


For Health Insurance Contact:

Michele Amrom

561. 30.0293 

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